Primary School

GeNNex Tomorrow's World Step Up Program 

The Tomorrows World Step UP primary school program is designed for pupils aged 9-11 to boost confidence, self-esteem and most importantly teach them basic electronics, introduce them to renewable energy, look at solar technology solutions, climate change and energy poverty.

The lessons can be embedded directly into the national curriculum and run either as part of the school day or an additional extended school program.

It gives pupils an opportunity to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and help to knock down fears and anxieties around science that they may have before going to secondary school.

Starting secondary school is a significant time in a child's life and can be daunting. It marks a passage into adolescence and requires major adjustments in children we aim to equip them with the necessary skills required to get a head start in science before they progress.

During a 4 - 8 week program pupils learn
About the history of solar, introduction to renewable energy, information on major sources of energy, new technologies, energy conservation, electricity, climate change, electronics and its use in design, and building a renewable energy program for their school.

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