Secondary School

GeNNex Tomorrow's World Step Up Program

Our Secondary School Program is designed for pupils aged 11-18 where they learn about fuels and energy resources, we provide a range of of activities, film clips, careers resources, and practical experiments electronic projects.

One key component for ages 14-18 is our solar lantern project, this is where pupils learn how to design packaging, build and assemble our solar lantern. These solar lanterns are then used to ship out to rural schools or used locally depending on the region of the program. It is a exciting program and helps the young people to proactively engage in science.


Our Staff

All GeNNex Blueprint trainers have been checked and cleared to work with children by the criminal records bureau (CRB). They are all certified first aid workers (FAW) and experienced in science and technology.

Classes include one-to-one training, off site work, fun based team work activities, short lectures using interactive video aids.

Our courses run throughout the spring, summer and autumn terms with controlled assessment. Summer holiday and extra-curricular courses are also run throughout the year.

Each module runs for one/two hours and is based on the national curriculum. We deliver short based programs (2 months) in addition to extended programs some lasting longer months.

70% of our courses are tailored to the specific needs of each school. 

Individual students will also have different requirements and our staff have the knowledge and experience to be able to adapt to personal needs.

For more information or to book this program please use the contact box.