Solar Installation, Design & Maintenance - Entry Level

GeNNex Tomorrow's World Step Up Program 

The GeNNex Solar Design and Panel Installation course is a 5 days (40 hour) program which is designed to be your first steps towards a career in the solar industry. 

Within the program we begin with the history behind solar, the different types, the fundamentals, and help to develop a solid understanding of various components, applications, calculations and system architectures, for Photo Voltaic systems. 

Within the course we cover site assessment, sizing a system, performance analysis and estimation, array configuration, solar system design.

The second phase focuses on electrical design characteristics such as overcurrent protection, cable and wiring, grounding and a detailed look at module and inverter specifications and characteristics.

The final phase is focussed on mounting methods for various roof structures in addition to ground mounts and micro-grids.

Health and Safety is a critical component of the course and is heavily featured throughout the course. 

The course is ideal for those who hope to begin a career in Solar Installations and maintenance.