Women in Africa

Women in Africa have for years been marginalised in education, jobs opportunities, and within the sectors of Engineering, Science and Technology. Although the topics of gender inequality, education and equal pay has been heavily discussed, female innovation and Africa's development are rarely discussed in the same context.

Women in Africa are the managers of their households, and explicit guardians to their children. They have a structured system within each home and are experts in agriculture, family planning and organisation to ensure the house has food, water, health and education.

This type of management is often to a greater extent than elsewhere in the developing world and puts an enormous strain and many women especially those that also have the opportunity to work. The African economic picture shows a huge paradox where the continent has an extremely rich mineral resource, including gold, copper, diamonds and more, and it is unacceptable that it has a state of being an object of donor-ship, aid, debt and loans.

Over a billion people live on the enormous landmass with just over half being women which includes the sizes of Western Europe, USA, China, India, and Argentina all together, it's natural wealth is larger than the sum of these regions put together. By connecting women to innovation, technology and science Africa has the potential to be a productive innovation house, a developed continent and centre for the world.

The GeNNex Blueprint seeks to invest in women within technology and education.